Transportation of oversized, heavy-weight cargo requires experience, compliance with all conditions when using special equipment, and also good knowledge of local landscape / area. We love challenges and fulfilling difficult tasks, however, the most important is, that we work side-by-side with professional highly-qualified partners, who can solve any problem set for them.

Transformers, metallic profiles, tractors, military equipment – these are just a few things from the entire list of the goods we are transporting for many years. In the situations when the official permits are required we agree with the authorities, settle all formalities, sign and seal all the necessary paper work. This is the most important, perhaps, the key point for the success of the entire deal. Therefore, you should focus on this very core factor when looking for the forwarder agency.

There was a case in our experience: once, we had to temporarily remove electrical wires from the poles along the transportation route.. We remember the case when there was no road on one section of the route, so we had to pave the road, in order to safely deliver the goods to the point of destination. The authorities in both cases gave, at our request, an official permit to conduct the work.